Roosje, Lieve and Pelle

One of the many things written on my Mio-Meraki-to -do-list is write an ‘about’.

A little piece about myself and Mio Meraki. But every time I began to write something I felt so stupid. “Who cares”it resonates in my head. On the other hand, I always love to see a face behind a brand, shop, Instagram account. Just because I am curious.  And maybe you are too.

So yes, this is me, or better us. And since Mio Meraki is very much a family business (my father brings the packages to the post office, Maarten my husband does most of the administration and taxes (yes, I have told you before I have married the best) and my children are my inspiration and testing panel when it comes to buying and searching for new brands). So in a way this is Mio Meraki too.

We are from the more is more movement 😉 More colour, more fun, more chaos, more roller-skating and definitely more love. I think the pictures reflect us so perfectly.

Probably the scariest post I have ever done, but here we go! Have a look below,

With love,