When I first saw this OTO preloved program over at Over the Ocean  I immediately loved it. Actually I thought it was brilliant, because just like Birgit owner of Over the Ocean, a concept store for European design in the USA, and founder of the OTO preloved program, I believe that our timeless, well-made clothes are meant to live for a long time, even after our children have outgrown them. They should be worn and loved by more than one family!

And this is why Birgit came up with the idea of OTO Pre-Loved or in my case MM (Mio Meraki) Pre-loved. I talked to Birgit and luckily she was happy to share this idea and program with me. So what is this My MM Pre-Loved program? It is a new trade-in service that offers gently used clothing for a great value. We hope this program will inspire and help our customers to live simply, practice sustainability, share with others, and feel good!

I know I talk a lot about how the clothes I am selling at Mio Meraki are from very high quality and that you can wear them over and over again and later on can give them as a hand-me-down to brothers/sisters/family/friends etc. But sometimes there are no younger siblings or other reasons why you cant pass your childrens clothes on and then these beautiful (and expensive) clothes will lay in your closets fro years. And that is a waste, I think.

So this service provides customers with affordable access to beautifully made clothing, supports slow fashion and reusability, and creates a community of like-minded parents that allows them to share their love of children’s wear with one another.

Consider giving your child’s clothing a new life by sending your garments to us. In return for your preloved garments, you will receive a shop credit that you can spend toward any future purchase. Moreover you will be giving the gift of well-made clothing at an affordable cost to another family and you will feel relieved not to clutter your storage with too much clothing – heirloom pieces work well when there aren’t too many of them.

Maybe the best thing about this program? Knowing that your once beloved piece is now loved by someone else.

Have a look at these pre-loved garments or learn more about how to trade-in your children’s clothing.