Although we love going on adventures and to travel the world, we like to be at home as well. To be honest, maybe we like this the most. When the whole family is together, after a long day or week, coming home to your own little corner of the world with the people you love the most, it makes us happy.

And call us voyeurs, but we also love seeing glimpses of other people’s lives. Just ordinary lives, like that of you and me, and preferably not the polished ones. Being at home with the kids, building a fort, doing jumping jacks on the trampoline, a little baby brother crawling around the house between the feet of his big sister. It makes us smile every time.

So we called our all-time favourite photographer (and person) Madelon, from Madebylon, and ask her if she wanted to make a series with us. When she said yes we were jumping around the living room (literally).

With this series No Place Like Home, we want to make a tribute to the real family life. We hope you love it as much as we do. Enjoy watching!

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