Moos and Fiep

On a sunny Sunday morning I drove to Haarlem for another shooting. Always a bit nervous, it still is such a weird social experiment, walking into the house of strangers with a bag full of clothes,  (and when I say big I mean BIG, I now just bring ALL the clothes).

But from the moment Tjarda opened the door with a big smile I knew this was going to be good again. There was strong coffee, a delicious cake, made by Moos and his mama, and this gorgeous light family house.  Moos and Fiep totally got the ‘non-posing ‘concept (and immediately stole our hearts) But above all there was such a sweet and warm atmosphere again.

Family life, the small things, a hug from your mama when you feel grumpy, reading a Donald Duck magazine, riding your home trainer with your roller-skates on. You know the small, normal stuff.

Please watch below the beautiful No Place Like Home of Fiep and Moos!

All pictures are by Madelon

All clothes can be bought at Mio Meraki