Kees and Dorus

In search of new brands, I always keep my five C’s in mind. Colourful, Creative, Child Friendly, Conscious and Coocoo (humour). It is nice to have a mnemonic aid (ezelsbruggetje) to keep me focused, sometimes I find it hard to keep in mind what the original Mio Meraki flavour is and how I can stick to that.

Actually, I think it’s hard to find your style (and stick to that) in generally. So easy to get ‘inspired’. Before you know it you will find yourself walking the streets in a long boho-chique kind of  flower dress not knowing who is that friendly old female dwarf (kaboutervrouwtje) that is staring back at you from the shopping window (true story)

I love it when people have their own signature style. Very inspiring…;-)  So when we started this series we immediately knew we had to go to Pien. (Talking about having your own signature style!) We had to! You can imagine how happy I was when Pien said yes.

We had a great time last Sunday, Kees and Dorus did such a good job being themselves, ignoring the camera or that crazy lady with all the clothes. I love the result. I think its Colourful, Creative Child Friendly and a bit Coocoo. See for yourself!

All pictures are by Madelon 

All clothes can be bought at Mio Meraki

All karate kicks, laughs and cuddles by Dorus and Kees

All styling by Pien