Jans and Ko

Another edition already in this series, this time with Jans and Ko. The idea started the first time I felt I had to do a photo shoot to promote Mio Meraki. I wanted pictures that were not styled, not posed, just kids playing and being themselves, at the place where they feel the most comfortable, their own home. Wearing clothes they like to wear (I always bring almost all the clothes I have in their sizes to the photo shoot and let them choose what to wear. I am not making sets for them, because I want to show (and sell) clothes children want to wear, and I always find that kids can make the coolest sets themselves).

And now it’s our fourth edition. Such a beautiful one again. Jans and Ko (don’t you just love their names) were amazing. Such cool kids, and I think you can see they had fun too.

So please have a look at this edition of the There is No Place like Home series. I think it is so amazing how it really became a series. While looking at the pictures we realized it’s not the style or the interior that is the common factor. They are all very different in that way. It’s the colours, the fun (!) and most of all the love that shines through the pictures. That’s the connection. That’s the common factor and that’s why this series is so precious to me. And even better then what I had in mind.

All pictures are by Madelon 

All clothes can be bought at Mio Meraki



Ps always good to know I have my replacements when Madelon is occupied.
Picture taken by Ko:

And by Jans: