Charlie, Jimi and Lou

On a cold and sunny day, I drove to the city for another No Place Like Home shoot. A car full of suitcases with the newest summer collections, feeling pretty excited to do it again. On our way to Charlie, Jimi and Lou, the sweetest trio of gorgeous mama May-Britt. Daddy, who is a restaurant owner and worked all night, was (trying to) sleep upstairs.

From the moment we entered the house it was chaos and fun again, there were dresses to dance in, trousers for climbing and a sweet baby to cuddle. Add some coffee, cookies and of course Madelon and her camera and there it is another No Place Like Home edition.

 A very sweet edition, a lot of little moments, playing, cuddling and sibling love. Yes, an edition that puts a big smile on my face and warms my heart, please have a look below!

All pictures are by Madelon

All clothes can be bought at Mio Meraki