One of the many things written on my Mio-Meraki-to -do-list is write an ‘about’.

A little piece about myself and Mio Meraki. But every time I began to write something I felt so stupid. Who cares. But on the other hand, I always love to see a face behind a brand, shop, Instagram account. Just because I am curious.  And maybe you are too.

So yes, this is me, or better us. And since Mio Meraki is very much a family business, my father brings most packages to the post office, Maarten my husband does most of the administration and taxes (yes, I have told you before I have married the best) and my children are my inspirators and testing panel when it comes buying and searching for new brands.

And this is me, owner of Mio Meraki. I love colour (as you can see), I am a bit chaotic (as you can see) and I am a mother (as you can see). Always searching for new brands, that are colourful, creative and that produce clothes that your kid really wants to wear, because the item is so soft or cool or fun or is in their favourite colour (probably gold or pink, ha!).

Probably the scariest post I have ever done, but here we go! Have a look below,


With love,




Roosje, Lieve and Pelle

One of the many things written on my Mio-Meraki-to -do-list is…