Belle, Bloem and Beer

I love our No Place Like Home series, I really do. But on the morning of the shoot, I hate it. It is really nerve wrecking (for me) to enter a house of a family you have never met, and then re-dress their children, walk around and take pictures. Nothing in life prepares you for this super weird social situation.

So thank god for kids just being the kids, and breaking the ice by showing us their room, make Madelon take pictures of every single toy in the room, telling me which clothes they find ugly and which one they love. (This time, again, Madelon and I decided to be very professional photographers/stylists…. Failed wonderfully again)  And then that little baby brother Beer, cannot look at that cute little happy face without thinking “life is indeed wonderful, and everything will be all right”.

Yes it was fun again, and looking at the result, I am in love with this edition again, such a warm, loving beautiful ( in every way) family. So in a few weeks/months I will drive to another family again, feeling nervous and super awkward, because I love our No Place Like Home series. I really do.