Entries by Anna

Moos and Fiep

On a sunny Sunday morning I drove to Haarlem for another shooting. Always a bit nervous, it still is such a weird social experiment, walking into the house of strangers with a bag full of clothes,  (and when I say big I mean BIG, I now just bring ALL the clothes). But from the moment […]

Jans and Ko

Another edition already in this series, this time with Jans and Ko. The idea started the first time I felt I had to do a photo shoot to promote Mio Meraki. I wanted pictures that were not styled, not posed, just kids playing and being themselves, at the place where they feel the most comfortable, […]

Kees and Dorus

In search of new brands, I always keep my five C’s in mind. Colourful, Creative, Child Friendly, Conscious and Coocoo (humour). It is nice to have a mnemonic aid (ezelsbruggetje) to keep me focused, sometimes I find it hard to keep in mind what the original Mio Meraki flavour is and how I can stick […]

Roosje, Lieve and Pelle

One of the many things written on my Mio-Meraki-to -do-list is write an ‘about’. A little piece about myself and Mio Meraki. But every time I began to write something I felt so stupid. “Who cares”it resonates in my head. On the other hand, I always love to see a face behind a brand, shop, […]

Ole and Cato

Although I love going on adventures and to travel the world etc, I like being at home a lot. Maybe I like it best. When the whole family is at home, just hanging around, it makes me feel so happy. And, call me a voyeur, but I also love seeing glimpses of other peoples lives. […]