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Loa & Lio

    “Smiles from the heart Of a family man Daddy’s gonna buy you A dream to cling to Mama’s gonna love you Just as much as she can And she can” Paul Young   Only a week ago I met this wonderful family living in Hoorn (the Netherlands) with their two beautiful (beautiful!) children […]

Joaquim,Valentin, Stella & Penelope

  Yes, we did it again. And boy are we in love with the result!! Such a beautiful spot, a house with a view (which is very rare in the Netherlands) the sweetest and coolest boys, a gorgeous mom, a house where you can feel (and see) that people live (and love) there AND two […]

Charlie, Jimi and Lou

On a cold and sunny day, I drove to the city for another No Place Like Home shoot. A car full of suitcases with the newest summer collections, feeling pretty excited to do it again. On our way to Charlie, Jimi and Lou, the sweetest trio of gorgeous mama May-Britt. Daddy, who is a restaurant […]

Moos and Fiep

On a sunny Sunday morning I drove to Haarlem for another shooting. Always a bit nervous, it still is such a weird social experiment, walking into the house of strangers with a bag full of clothes,  (and when I say big I mean BIG, I now just bring ALL the clothes). But from the moment […]

Jans and Ko

Another edition already in this series, this time with Jans and Ko. The idea started the first time I felt I had to do a photo shoot to promote Mio Meraki. I wanted pictures that were not styled, not posed, just kids playing and being themselves, at the place where they feel the most comfortable, […]

Kees and Dorus

In search of new brands, I always keep my five C’s in mind. Colourful, Creative, Child Friendly, Conscious and Coocoo (humour). It is nice to have a mnemonic aid (ezelsbruggetje) to keep me focused, sometimes I find it hard to keep in mind what the original Mio Meraki flavour is and how I can stick […]

Roosje, Lieve and Pelle

One of the many things written on my Mio-Meraki-to -do-list is write an ‘about’. A little piece about myself and Mio Meraki. But every time I began to write something I felt so stupid. “Who cares”it resonates in my head. On the other hand, I always love to see a face behind a brand, shop, […]

Ole and Cato

Although I love going on adventures and to travel the world etc, I like being at home a lot. Maybe I like it best. When the whole family is at home, just hanging around, it makes me feel so happy. And, call me a voyeur, but I also love seeing glimpses of other peoples lives. […]